Returning to Hawaii

My visit to Hawaii in 2006 with my niece, Hilary, was a wonderful experience.  Although I have travelled south to Florida many times in my life (and probably will again), I was totally unprepared for the extraordinary beauty of this Pacific state.  Our two-week visit was far too short.

When my parents (Joan and Rick), my sister (the Kid) and I first discussed the possibility of another trip, it was two years ago.  I remember Mom’s eyes lighting up at the thought of seeing Hawaii.  So, I began researching and planning.  Now our trip is only moments away!

Our plan is to stay on Maui for a full month.  We’ve rented (from a private owner) a two-bedroom condo at Kamaole Sands, Kihei.  We’ve also rented a van for the duration, along with two mobility scooters for Mom and the Kid.  We have some activities planned but, for the most part, we plan to relax, snorkel close to shore, shop and enjoy the extraordinary beauty and warm culture of this place.

About An Atlas in My Purse

I love the travelling experience .. from the where-shall-we-go-next planning stage to the do-you-remember-when conversations. This blog is a collection of my travelogues. Date References: 2000 - Australia * 2001 - Europe * 2003 - Paris * 2004 - England * 2006 - Hawaii * 2010 - Israel * 2012 - Europe & Transatlantic Cruise *
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