A Concert Surprise

This morning we attended the morning worship service at the nearby Hope Chapel.  The building reminded me of the California churches I knew when I studied there many years ago — outdoor “foyers” and entries directly into the auditorium and classes.  I really enjoyed the praise team’s  work.  Mom and Dad found the music too loud and heavy (electric guitars and drums) and I found the music too exclusively contemporary for my taste, as well.  But they led the music with great skill and humility.  The songs were all focused on lifting up the name of Jesus.  I was very impressed!

The big surprise for us was that Sam Rotman is with them today and will be giving a free concert tonight!  This Jewish follower of Messiah Jesus is an outstanding classical pianist and has travelled around the world for decades, sharing his talent and skill in small and large venues.  I have heard him before and it was a great pleasure to hear him again.  He gave a clear testimony, describing his upbringing by Jewish parents (Holocaust survivors) and his encounter with the Messiah while studying at Julliard.  I chatted with Sam briefly after the morning service and began praying there would be some seeking individuals at the evening concert.  Sure enough, the believers who sat next to us brought their seeking friends.  I hope Sam’s clear confidence and hope in the Lord impacted them.


About An Atlas in My Purse

I love the travelling experience .. from the where-shall-we-go-next planning stage to the do-you-remember-when conversations. This blog is a collection of my travelogues. Date References: 2000 - Australia * 2001 - Europe * 2003 - Paris * 2004 - England * 2006 - Hawaii * 2010 - Israel * 2012 - Europe & Transatlantic Cruise *
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